Welcome to Hoof n Paw Samoyeds!

Hoof’n Paw Samoyeds was officially started in 1968.

The kennel name derived from Mardee’s interest in both dogs and Morgan horses.

Continuing the ideals and principles established by Mardee’s parents, Robert and Dolly Ward, the goal was – and is – to perpetuate the Samoyed as a dual purpose dog for work and show.

Like other breeders, she strives for the Standard and dual-purpose dogs. She also insists on solid temperaments and outgoing, animated personalities that are part of Samoyed breed type.

The strength of Hoof’n Paw continues to grow with each generation, excelling in conformation, sledding and weigh pulling ability, obedience, therapy work, and the newest arena, agility.

Hoof’n Paw has never relied on any one stud dog or brood bitch to achieve its “look” or success. From each successive breeding come dogs in a “more complete” package — the goal for perfection keeps each breeding going.

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